Megaman NES Review - Tough, But Worth It

by Flashman85 on Thursday, September 26, 2002
To paraphrase a friend of mine, Capcom's idea for Megaman was "Mario with a gun." Indeed, few would suspect how popular a franchise the Blue Bomber would become. The original game was similar to other NES games of the time, but it also had laudable properties that would help it to endure into the next century.
The other games in the NES series are easy in comparison to this one. 1-UPs are somewhat scarce, but worse than that, you have no Energy Tanks, no charge-up blaster, and a control system that wasn't completely perfected.
That is not to say that the control was terrible, though. It does present a sizeable problem, however, in Ice Man's stage, where (often glitchy) floating, shooting platforms will move just barely close enough to each other to jump on, but then you are smacked by a flying penguin or a stray bullet and plummet like a huge rock into the bottomless pit below without any chance of last-minute maneuvering onto a platform. "If you can beat Ice Man's stage, you can beat any Megaman game" is my motto. Oh, and you have the disappearing bricks.
If you can get past his frustrating stage you will be treated to a rich game filled with high-quality platforming that makes you feel like you're experiencing a piece of history. If you're up for a challenge, Megaman is for you.

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