Mario Brothers NES Review - Mario Bros

by BombOmb on Saturday, January 11, 2003
This game is NOT easy, everyone who is basing their opinions off the watered down graphically improved version you can get on Yoshi's Island, Mario Advance 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 (you can play it in battle) should be shot for coming to a NES site and basing your opinions off a more recent game. Mario Bros. is what games like Bubble Bobble were based off of. The concept is simple - monsters come from the pipes and you and your brother take 'em out and compete over coins. This game started the series and is WHY Mario is an Italian plumber. It is a classic game it is NOT despite what others say "easy". Its gameplay does not allow you to turn around in the air making competition between you and your brother more suspensful to see who can turn around and jump up to the next platform first (besides, it is more realistic, 'cause in real life you can't just turn around in mid-jump). Anyone who worships the classics should add this to their collection - as for everyone else, only buy this game if you're into 2 player simple combat. And as for you people who base your NES opinions off non-nes remade games, play the REAL version before reviewing the non-real version.

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