Maniac Mansion NES Review - I got the HAMSTER version!

by Jason Peterson on Tuesday, September 23, 2003
I bought this game for only $10 CDN. I brought it home and the first thing I did was to see if I could nuke the hamster in the microwave. I tried it with Wendy, Bernard and luck.
So for quite a while I thought I had one of the cheesy edited later versions. Then I found a tip in a Nintendo book that says it will only work with RAZOR or SYD....I rushed to my Nintendo and soon found out the bloody charred remains in the microwave could only mean one thing, I got the Real McCoy!! The one and only Nasty version. I cheered, did one of those dances a football player does when he gets in the endzone and thanked the stars above I didnt waste my $10! The game rewards you by saying to you in text "TOTALLY AWESOME!!" And when you take the "Exploded Hamster" and give it to Wierd Ed He says "No Thanx. Wait. What is that? That has bits of fur like my hamsters! Oh No!!!
What did you do!!! ARGH!!!" and he kills you and you are sent outside to a gravestone that reads " AND GOOD RIDDANCE!" Your character is invisible and presumably dead but he or she can still do anything a regular character can do! Except Weird Ed can still see you. This game is a lot of fun but tedious and difficult at times. I dont condone hurting innocent animals, and the guy at Lucasfilm Games who programmed this little easter egg in the game has a bad idea of humour. However, It was still funny and this game kicks ass! And NO! I wouldnt hurt a little hamster! If you have this game and want to sell it then email me at

-Jason Peterson
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