Maniac Mansion NES Review - Maniac Mansion

by BombOmb on Saturday, January 11, 2003
Great RPG, GREAT puzzler, like Zork but you can see what's happening. Some good scares and jokes in this game, I couldn't put it down. The save game feature makes thing even easier to pick up where you left off. Very silly dialogue, very scary at points (I dunno, I think 8-Bit monsters are scarier, they seem more hollow. Almost like a child's drawing brought to life), and very FUNNY at others. It's got multiple endings, your characters CAN die, there are many hidden jokes and such throughout the whole thing and the game itself is brilliantly put together. I highly recommend it to an RPGer. And for those who loved this game, buy the sequel for the PC entitled "Day Of The Tentacle" (i think it's freeware now) which includes Maniac Mansion hidden in the game!

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