Lone Ranger

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Lone Ranger NES Game
Lone Ranger NES ROM
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Lone Ranger Codes/Cheats
NNKNTIGV        Start with 255 dollars
AASXUAPA        Infinite rounds
IEUZTNZA        Cheaper silver bullets
ZEUZIYIA        Cheaper standard bullets
ZESYTIIE        Start with 10 silver bullet rounds
YESYTIIE        Start with 15 silver bullet rounds
YESYZSZE        Start with 15 standard bullet rounds
TOSYZSZE        Start with 30 standard bullet rounds
GZKKYPSA        Infinite energy--side views only
GZSZNATG + GZSXOATT     Don't lose money when shooting bystanders 
(but still lose energy)
Lone Ranger Visitor Reviews
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Lone Ranger Review by cowboy yeah 10/1/2004 9:39:05 PM
Lone Ranger Review by Demon Masta Hard, But Fun 3/26/2004 6:43:49 AM