Kung Fu Heroes NES Review - "Using my awsome Kung-Fu power, I can shatter people like rocks"!!!

by Coffin Joe on Monday, May 13, 2002
Kung-Fu Heros is a decent title from Culture Brain, In which you play as Lee and Chan........or was it Bruce and Jackie.......Oh well, but anyway, you play as two little Martial Artists on a quest to save the Princess. A formula that never gets old.......However, the game is quite addictive, it offers some truly simple minded fun, as you punch and kick your way into ecstacy! You also get a power-up that allows you to shoot fireballs, just like a real Kung-Fu master! The characters are drawn good, and are creative, especially the enemies. While the music is OK, its a bit generic, and the same two, or three songs play over and over. In the end, Kung-Fu Heros is a decent title, worth getting at, at least $8.00! "HI-YA"!!!

-Coffin Joe
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