Kung Fu Heroes NES Review - Awesome 'cheesy' game

by Hammie? on Monday, December 2, 2002
Story- Monsters have taken Princess Min-Min and the 10 treasures of the Land. Kung-fu Masters Jacky and Lee return from weeks of training to find the Land filled with sorrow. The people plead with Jacky and Lee to go after the Monsters, defeat them and restore happiness to the Land.

Cast of characters - Jacky and Lee Young friends from the Land who have been taking Kung-Fu lessons, together. - Min-Min Princess of the Land. As beautiful as a water lily.

There are 8 different castles, each with four rooms. There are 32 different scenes. In some of the stones and rocks you smash, you can find Bonus Stages and Quick Passages to other castles.

The 8 Enemy Castles:
1. Spearman's Castle
2. Gunman's Castle
3. Buffalo's Castle
4. Demon Cats' Castle
5. Demon's Castle
6. Castle of Tricks
7. Dragon's Castle
8. The Last Castle


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