Kung Fu NES Review - Very Necessary

by Man Without A Face on Saturday, January 18, 2003
One of those classic games everybody seems to own, even though it's not really outstanding. When it first came out, there was something that made this necessary to get. I forget what that was, but I spent a lot of time playing it in my childhood so I'm not sure if the reason I still enjoy it is because it's so second-nature to me or if it really is a great game. Gameplay is astoundingly simple and can get quite difficult in the later levels. Walk in a straight line, kill enemies (punch, kick, jump punch/kick, or crouch punch/kick). Mostly, you face 'enemy' guys who walk into you but eventually gets spiced up with ninja dwarves and randomly appearing snakes. Bosses are what make this really hard to beat, especially the magician who doesn't mind losing his head and can vanish at leisure. Only thing that truly sucks about it would be the cut scene animation, character names (Mr. X?) and the ending. Anyway, definitely worth checking out.

-Man Without A Face
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