Kung Fu NES Review - Infinity and Beyond

by Pestilence on Sunday, November 24, 2002
This, to me, is one of those classic standard games on which all other games seem to emulate but never quite improve on. It's pretty much the standard fair; the controls are simply and your character responds appropriately to every button push.

The story is simple, Mr.X has stolen your girlfriend, Sylvia, and it's up to you, Thomas, to take him and his thugs down.

Levels look more or less the same, and there's only a few variants of bad guys. Bosses are typically challenging, but fighting them seems like a gamble - especially the large black man on one of the levels - sometimes your damage registers on him, sometimes it doesn't (seems to be the slight problem).

The other big downfall to this game is the lack of a proper ending. Not to spoil the game for anyone, but you're treated to a scene of the couple reuniting and kissing and a pattern of hearts.

Then you do it all again. B mode makes no difference mind you. When you do it again the 'level' graphic changes and recycles through every possible graphic block in the game (I finished it several hundred times on an emulator).

All in all, worth buying at today's prices.

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