Kirby's Adventure NES Review - I'll be

by back on Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Great game; maybe a little too easy for some people, but the gameplay mechanics are so cool and it's littered with fun minigames and interesting bosses, so thats forgivable. What is unforgivable is it's use of a built-in battery over a password save system. Very unnecessary - the game only saved your location, nothing else. Could have been kept in a short, simple password. Instead, they use the built-in battery back-up which die out in 5-10 years (a little longer if you're lucky) and still have a tendency to leak saved information from time to time. Mine has already died completely, and it's no fun having to beat it in a single sitting and not being able to keep the extras you get for beating the game. But, thats where emulation saves the day, I guess...

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