Kirby's Adventure NES Review - Krazy Kirby

by Alex Jones on Saturday, June 16, 2001
I never actually owned a NES, my first console being a SNES but had previously played Kirby's Adventure on my old Amiga and boy what a game!

The idea is a Mario style platformer where you go around the levels sucking up enemies and absorbing their powers which is an absolutely amazing idea. There are loads of bonus games like Cowboy Shootouts and the Crane Games. Basically if you like Mario you have to have this. If you never owned it get a Nes Emulator (See Downloads Page) and Kirby's Adventure just to see what I mean.

Why has Kirby not been used on the N64 apart from Super Smash Bros. Until it does i'll be quite happy with this.

Kirby's Adventure =101% 11/10 6/5 (You get the point!)

-Alex Jones
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