Kid Niki

Game Manufacturer:
Data East
Game Genre:
Kid Niki NES Game
Kid Niki NES ROM
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Kid Niki Codes/Cheats
GXSOKIVG        Infinite lives
NYUEXOEV        Ninja jumping power! 
PAOATZLA        Start with 1 life
TAOATZLA        Start with 6 lives 
AESUEGPA        Freeze timer
GAUELZTA + GEEPOTTA     Reduce timer value 
PEVAYPAA + PEUETPAA     Start on round 2
ZEVAYPAA + ZEUETPAA     Start on round 3
LEVAYPAA + LEUETPAA     Start on round 4 
GEVAYPAA + GEUETPAA     Start on round 5
IEVAYPAA + IEUETPAA     Start on round 6
Kid Niki Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Kid Niki Review by Uncle Whiplash Can't take the heat huh? 10/13/2003 3:52:23 AM
Kid Niki Review by ToddVania The pink cartridge is a warning--this "Ninja" is a wuss. 10/3/2002 2:28:22 PM
Kid Niki Review by shadowman cool game but still lacking... 6/21/2002 1:46:40 PM