Kid Icarus NES Review - Another original winner.

by Toddvania on Thursday, October 3, 2002
Another home-brewed NES game, Nintendo strikes oil with this cart about an angel out to get the three sacred treasures to defeat Medusa. The graphics are fantastic, with unforgettable enemies (the "Micks" Rolling Stones enemies in particular was a cute touch), and music. This is also a good beginner game, which I was when it first came out. The dungeons aren't too difficult, and if you pick one screen that gives a lot of hearts next to a hot spring (in the dungeons), you have it made. I believe I got to 99 of everything before I proceeded to the second land, and realized that was kind of overkill.
The only bad point is you can't duck enemy fire on the clouds, or you fall through, and like most Nintendo originals, there's just too much jumping, and this kid kind of slides around. Press up on the controller after a jump to avoid this.
Brings back a lot of memories, a fantastic game. Just wish the passwords weren't so long.

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