Karnov NES Review - Fat people finally have a leader!

by Coffin Joe on Friday, May 10, 2002
Karnov is an excellent sidescroller, where you play a whats supposed to be a Russian strongman/firebreather named Karnov(The character was taken from a real Russian strongman named "Karnovski"). The graphics are great, although Karnov is no longer a strongman, but an obese man in red sweat pants, this is probably the games only flaw, but it still looks good, as if they wanted him to look fat! The music is another matter, the same damn song plays over, and over, and over.......untill you reach the final boss, where the tune finally changes! The story isnt so unique, but at least its not a damsel in distress! Karnov goes to search for a treasure that will save his poverty stricken village, but the treasure is guarded but Ryu, an evil dragon, who terrorizes Karnovs people! A lot of people dont know the story but thats really it! With the exception of the truly lousy ending, Karnov is a solid game! Its about time fat people were given the attention they so deserve!

-Coffin Joe
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