Karnov NES Review - karnov the king of kings

by brain lee chung on Sunday, August 26, 2001
now i'm not bluffy, but this game packs the power of the nes in every package. now call me a hershy, but you'd be a liar but look it has the action. you become karnov a fat bronze skinned hulk who wandders through deserts and ancient tombs. you are a russian fire breather who must fet the ancient treasure of babalon. you encounter yoda like men and ugly oponnets who want karnovs tits on slings. Any how my brains flares when i think of checkov, my blood swells my chest turns green, my eyes turn pink and fill with incrimtating ketus. But honestly the k in karnov cant stand for karnov, or chekov for that matter... It stands for keith, as in keith hoffman a fat camel riding arab hwo shlocks the pissy into a silnging crevice. I give this game three thubs up, for price, quialty, and fashion!

-brain lee chung
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