Joust NES Review - Grade: C+

by Hokum on Monday, January 21, 2002
The NES has the capabilities to port most early arcade games just about perfectly - but it rarely happened. Even their own games, like Donkey Kong, got hacked. And when it came to third-party titles like Q*Bert or Joust, things got even messier.

Joust for the NES is still fun, but it's missing a lot. Theres the cosmetic stuff - title screen, graphics, text, & sound effects are different, not really for the better. The action is a little *off* - like when you joust another player, they vanish on contact instead of pop off their bird, and you usually get their egg by default rather than having to hunt it down ever. The special waves have been excised. Control is different.

Still, Joust is pretty addictive & very fun with two players. But it's a botched translation from the arcade, to be sure.

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