Iron Tank NES Review - The Iron Snake

by MacCoder on Tuesday, May 22, 2001
Iron Tank is a great game. You are the Iron Snake, an advanced war tank that can take heavy damage, your mission: To blow up everything you see! You look at your tank from above while controling it's movments on the ground, which gives you the edge because you can see tanks from all around. When you start out, you play it through as if you were in a war. Shoot tanks, blow them up, run over people and shoot them. Shoot an officer and you get an extension to your shells. If your a fan of constant action combined with strategic killing games, then you'll love this. You can choose from 2 different paths in the beginning, then in the middle you can choose from 3 paths. Your radio will tell you of upcomming events. Press start and you see a list of powerup items for your shells, these corrospond to what you pick up. Your bullets can be highly explosive, pass through solids, long range, constant fire, or even be a huge explosion that will likely blow up everything on the screen. Your adventure can go through land, sea, to the airport, even over bridges and in jungle areas. From time to time you come against large powerful machines that you get to blow up. They usualy make you stop, but with your advanced weapenry you can easily destroy them. The screen shakes as you blow up the huge enemy war machines. It even has ok war music. This game will leave you in suspense, and thrilled for hours opon hours.
"Iron Snake, enemy train firing bullets by radar..."

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