Ice Hockey NES Review - It's a right kerfuffle

by 8 Bit Junkie on Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Make em skinny.. make em regular size, or make em jumbo. Thats the prime objective.

You start off with a cute intro with a couple players doing slap shots. You go further into the menu, and you get to choose your country, and player size.

The objective is to make your team stronger then your opponents, or at least mow them down with speed and strength.

Nothing beats a good scrap in this game. It's a right kerfuffle.

The sound of the fighting is great. Just a bunch of low pitched triangle wave sounds from the Nintendo's sound chip.

Just hope you don't get the penalty.

Tip: If your playing against the computer, when your going to shoot the puck into the goal, hold down the slap shot button, and the goalie will move up or down leaving his net exposed. Then once he's moved out of the way, make the shot to get the goal.

Saw my bro do this, and his score was 130+ to 0.
However, if they scored on him, he'd reset the nintendo, and start again. :D

-8 Bit Junkie
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