Ice Hockey NES Review - Best Hockey Game Ever

by Pestilence on Sunday, November 24, 2002
I don't know what to tell you about this game beyond, find it, buy it and play it. The game is really, very simple and in this case it doesn't work against the game at all.

You basically select a team (you'll find a favourite, even though they all appear to look and act the same - sometimes you'll swear one team is better than another though). Then you select a few different types of players and hit the ice.

You can either pass the puck, shoot, check, charge up for a more powerful shot and none of it is very overwhelming. It's such an awesome game it's really very much hard to explain.

I remember playing this game with my family over 15 years ago, and the fond memories are simply worth it. It blends just the right amount of action, with cartoonish style that doesn't really take itself as seriously as some other hockey games (the others all take themselves too seriously), and is just plain old fun.

If you get one game for your NES, let it be this one. Be sure to play with a friend and try and initiate a brawl!

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