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Gyruss NES Game
Gyruss NES ROM
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Gyruss Music
gyrlvl2.mid (26KB)
gyrmain.mid (55KB)
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Gyruss Codes/Cheats
AEEOIEZA        Infinite lives 
PAXEGLGA        Start with 1 ship
ZAXEGLGE        Start with 10 ships 
GAKEATPA        Start with 4 phasers
AAKEATPE        Start with 8 phasers 
ZEEPYAPA        Gain 2 phasers when you die with none 
GEEPYAPA        Gain 4 phasers when you die with none
OAKEATPA        Start with twin shots + 1 phaser
KAKEATPA        Start with twin shots + 4 phasers 
EAKEATPE        Start with twin shots + 8 phasers
GEEPIAZA + OEEPYAPA     Never lose twin shots
Gyruss Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Gyruss Review by GG Vic Viper Awesome NES Arcade Shooter 7/28/2006 10:24:21 AM
Gyruss Review by Marc Great Concept, Great Package 11/13/2003 1:33:34 PM
Gyruss Review by SSJDarkFlames47 ^_^ 5/24/2003 4:37:55 AM