Guardian Legend NES Review - This Game Is Awsome!

by Golden Drew on Thursday, November 25, 2004
Out of all the games that I have played in my life (Many) this is the best NES game of all time. It is a shooting arcade game with an RPG stat system based on points. The more points u got, the more HP u get. The passwords are short compared to some games and the game itself is EXTREMELY HARD! I only beat it with Game Genie and even that was hard because some coredoors didn't wanna open for me, if using cheats the 6th corridor won't open so save and use no cheats. The music is outstanding, infactIm gonna get me a few of those MEDI files or whatever right now and put it on my powerpoint for school and anoythe piss outta my teacher! OH YEAH! Well till next time, may the Golden Sun be with u!

-Golden Drew
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