Gremlins 2

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Gremlins 2 NES Game
Gremlins 2 NES ROM
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Gremlins 2 Codes/Cheats
GAEGEAAA        Start with 5 lives
PAEGEAAE        Start with 10 lives
LAEGSAPA        Start with 3 balloons
TAEGSAPA        Start with 6 balloons
SZNETEVK        Infinite lives
SZXEUXVK        Infinite balloons
SXKEZPVG        Don't take damage from monsters (or harmful surfaces)
ZAEKXATA + ZEEELATA     Start with only 1 heart
AAEKXATE + AEEELATE     Start with 4 hearts
Gremlins 2 Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Gremlins 2 Review by NESGuru Outstanding Graphics 1/5/2003 8:21:54 AM
Gremlins 2 Review by sean gremlins 2 for nes 7/30/2002 1:36:34 PM
Gremlins 2 Review by Alan White A decent attempt. 1/19/2002 4:18:29 PM