Goonies II NES Review - This game is a classic.

by Pricetag on Friday, March 30, 2001
This was one of the first games I owned for the NES. It continues the story of the Goonies and their villanous enemies, the Fratellis.

The Fratellis have escaped from jail and kidnapped the other six Goonies and their mermaid friend Annie (?!?!?!) and have taken them to their hideout. It's up to you, as Mikey, to foil the Fratellis plans, rescue the other Goonies, and finally Annie.

In the process, you'll explore the entire Fratelli hideout, featuring areas such as dusty attics, underground caverns, frozen caves, and even oceans!

Most of the gameplay is a typical run, jump, and shoot platform nature. There are tons of enemies, including the Fratellis themselves. When you enter one of the many doors you'll see in the hideout, that's when the game gets really unique.

When you enter a door, the game switches to a first-person view from which you explore the many rooms. In the rooms, you'll find things like shoes that let you fun faster or jump higher, implements like a candle to light up dark rooms, glasses to uncover invisible secrets, or a transceiver to communicate with the kidnapped Goonies.

You'll need to use all these things, plus a great amount of skill, to rescue the Goonies and save the day.

My brother and I played this game nonstop after we got it, without using any player's guides or anything, and it took us a month to beat it. This is a solid game all around, and a worthwhile experience for any NES gamer looking for a challenge.

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