Golf NES Review - Before Tiger Woods...

by McDick2002 on Monday, August 30, 2004
There was nes golf. Which is more fun than playing with Tiger. He'd kick your $%# and make you question your manhood (or womanhood). So to keep your self esteem intact play this. Just invite Tiger over so you can beat his sorry kiester because the game will irritate the hell out of you. This game is fun but requires the patience of a saint (and I ain't no saint). But I still like it. The graphics kind of suck because whoever did them for the nes games must have never tried drugs...just kidding...If nes would have put a little more into their graphics they would be works of art instead of just fun to play. I give nes golf a 7/10. Play it and smack somebody when it irritates you. Send all hate mail to Have a nice day!

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