Godzilla NES Review - King of the Monsters, on any platform

by Warwolf on Friday, March 21, 2003
Godzilla was the last major licensed character to be on the Nintendo, where all the other major characters, from both videogame and movie-to-game adaptations, had already made the jump. 1988 saw Godzilla make his big debut in Japan on the Nintendo/Famicom, and in 88/89, we got the game as well. It's a fantastic game, with easily THE best graphics ever seen on the Nintendo. Godzilla, although oddly colored blue, looked wonderful in his 1970's incarnation, and Mothra was well done as well. The enemy monsters were great. My only quibble would be the inclusion of Varan and Moguera into the game, as neother creature actually fought Godzilla. Though I'm told Varan made a gust appearance in Destroy All Monsters in 1968. Aside from that, the game was beautiful, with great music, two classic Ifukube tunes, and graphics and gameplay that made the battles enjoyable, especially the enemy monsters. King Ghidorah and Godzilla's battles in the game are particularly fun. This one gets a perfect five star score from me.

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