Ghosts 'n Goblins NES Review - Hero in underpants

by Mike the Bike on Tuesday, April 10, 2001
You are in romantic picknick whit your girlfriend in quit semetary. You are just kicking back,thinking your moves and there is little bit of old "touchie feelie" and nipple sucking when suddenly monster captures your girlfriend! Ok, time to put on that armor you brought along. GnG is good old shoot em up whit one bit downside:
IT IS TOO EASY! ...not. Thruth is it is a frustratingly hard but that is games charm. When You finnish the game (witch you wont) you can realy goncratulate your self.

Motto of the game:-" Damn those flying killer burritos!"

To Think About:-" Who goes to picnic in cematary? Why bring armor whit you? Should knights wear red boxers, I mean i would go whit blue or black"


-Mike the Bike
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