Ghosts 'n Goblins NES Review - What? Again?!?!?!?

by ToddVania on Thursday, October 3, 2002
This is quite a successful arcade conversion--the graphics are a little choppier than the arcade, and some coins and other treasures are missing, but overall, this is a fantastic, challenging game. The only thing I disagree with is having to go through it twice, the second time twice as hard, to rescue your fair maiden. All I can say is after she's rescued, Arthur had better be having sex every day for 10 years.
Those damned red demons are beatable if you use the hit-once-and-scurry-away trick, and for some reason using the NES advantage controller screws up your speed of firing, even set at max. For all the headache, though, the very end two-faced demon is relatively easy to conquer. I'm looking forward to the "Capcom Generations Ghosts and Goblins" series on Playstation to be released, because it's supposed to have the true arcade emulations. For now, though, this version rocks. 8 out of 10.

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