Gauntlet II

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Gauntlet II NES Game
Gauntlet II NES ROM
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Gauntlet II Codes/Cheats
OTXSSYSV        Don't take damage from monsters
ZLVVVIGT        Weaker poison
EGVVVIGV        Stronger poison
IAUTEUZA        5 super shots picked up
GPUTEUZA        20 super shots picked up
AYETVUGU        Invincibility lasts longer
LPETVUGU        Invincibility doesn't last as long
ANNTUXGU        Repulsiveness lasts longer
LONTUXGU        Repulsiveness doesn't last as long
AYOTKUGU        Invisibility lasts longer
LPOTKUGU        Invisibility doesn't last as long
OTXSSYSV + ZAXSVYAA     Take less damage from monsters
Gauntlet II Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Gauntlet II Review by ToddVania Much Improved. 10/5/2002 7:14:54 PM
Gauntlet II Review by Xpenguin Gauntlet II = 6/10 10/5/2002 1:17:13 AM
Gauntlet II Review by Obi-Juan it rules! 7/2/2002 4:43:08 PM
Gauntlet II Review by Alan White Gauntlet II is Great!!!!! 1/19/2002 3:24:57 PM
Gauntlet II Review by old man So how many levels are in the game? 8/20/2001 10:49:43 AM