Gauntlet NES Review - 5 Ounces of worthlessness.

by MI64 on Tuesday, July 17, 2001
How does running around in a mazy dungeon you CAN'T FINISH OR ESCAPE FROM, filled with hordes of monsters whose primary goal is to (a)run screaming at you while you cut them into tiny bits and (b)overwhelm you by sheer numbers while slowly dismembering your poorly pixelated body, sound? You do find lots of treasure though... did I mention you can NEVER escape?


No wonder Nintendo didn't give the seal of approval to this game... of course they more than made up for it when the gave it to Gauntlet 2...
Anyway, this game is fun for about 5 minutes and, since it's multiplayer, it isn't a total failure. Just so repetitive though, and pointless!!!

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