Galaga NES Review - Grade: A+

by Hokum on Monday, January 21, 2002
GALAGA is probably the most popular and addictive space-shooting game of the original arcade era. The genre began with Space Invaders, was taken to another level with Galaxian - but Galaga (actually a direct sequel to Galaxian) made it truely timeless. It added more action & oppertunity for strategy. This is also where the famous 'tractor beam' was introduced, where your ship could be stolen but at the same time, you could recover it and fight with two aircraft at once! Also some nifty bonus rounds.

This is also a rare case where the NES version is a perfect port. Not a hint of difference accept screen size (the arcade monitors were taller, but the NES version is merely shrunk down, preserving the aspect ratio!) So if you loved it in the arcade, you should enjoy it on the NES just as much. Highly recommended!

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