Flying Dragon NES Review - The action-packed Martial Arts adventure that never was!

by Coffin Joe on Monday, May 13, 2002
Flying Dragon is a great example of a good idea, done wrong. The object of the game is by entering martial arts tournamants, you combat unique enemies with names like "Devil-Kabuki", and "Karate-Guy", to avenge the death of a master of Hiryu-No-Ken, a fighting style that resembles a flying dragon! Along the way you learn new attacks and train with your master! Sound cool! Not really. Like I said, the idea is great, but its done so cheesy, it ruins whatever merit the game has for originalty! The sections known as "The Journey", are pointless and stupid, having you scroll sideways, Kung-Fu style, kicking enemies, until you get to fight such dreaded opponents as "Little-Girl" and "Punk-Rocker". The fighting during the actual tournamant is done with targets, its hard to explain but it dosent really work. The control is bad, and the music is uninspired. Flying Dragon with its good idea, was destined for greatness, it was just done so badly even originality couldn't save it. I'm not saying the games creators didnt try, they just didnt try hard enough!

-Coffin Joe
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