Final Fantasy NES Review - Newbie Likey.

by ToddVania on Thursday, May 18, 2006
I avoided this entire series for a long, long time, as I get hooked on games with sequels too often, and wind up suffering from intense pocketbook damage. But just a month ago I started playing this and was, as I thought I would be, instantly addicted.
The gameplay is fantastic, with all kinds of different weapons and armor, and the option that lets you "use" pieces of armor and weapons without them being "equipped" is very helpful. The game will test patience with the amount of money you need at the beginning, but this works itself out toward the end, where the money issue becomes a moot point.
Great mix 'n' match choice of characters, so not every game is the same. You also have the formidable challenge of going solo, which would be the ultimate challenge.
Great graphics for the 8-bit NES, and a thoroughly engrossing game. My only complaints are ones that are common with this one: the combat issue where you miss a certain enemy if it's been defeated already by another party member, and lack of space in your weapon/armor inventory.
I give this classic a 9 and 1/2 out of 10. Well, now I'm off to buy the rest of the series. **SIGH**

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