Final Fantasy NES Review - A game to carve the path of it's genre

by Digitality Project on Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Warrior were the three games that set me on the path of RPG fandom. I have beaten Final Fantasy dozens of times, even with a solo run of each class. Though it is outdated, for it's time it was wonferfully done. Many of the early RPGs mark the greatest story lines and depth of the entire genre. Many newer RPGs lack many of the required qualities, or overdo things too much that they don't focus on the details that count most. My only complaint with Final Fantasy is that many of the swords and weapons special abilities DO NOT WORK. (The rune sword DOES NOT do extra damage to mages or the were sword DOES NOT do extra damage to were monsters) I belive this was corrected for the Gameboy Advance port, mayhap someone could clarify?

-Digitality Project
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