Fester's Quest NES Review - Turbo Controller necessary! Insane difficulty.

by Brian Moy on Monday, March 13, 2006
The first couple reviews got it right on. A turbo controller is SO necessary in this game (unless you got the twitchy fingers) as every enemy - even the regular ones take massive amount of hits to kill. The bosses take so many hits, even with turbo it is pretty difficult.

I am willing to bet that no one has been able to beat this game on the first try - or for that matter gotten past the second stage. Even with a turbo controller, I never could get past the second boss. As far as fun, well the game is sort of dull. However for a bargain priced game, I suppose its ok. I bought it when I was a kid because it was the lowest priced game at the time. It was $5 at a time when no games were that low.

Graphically, the game looks very nice. However I was hoping it would have more of a connection to The Addams Family. Despite having Fester in it, the game itself doesn't seem to have any relation to the show.

-Brian Moy
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