Fester's Quest NES Review - Fester's Quest Hidden Heart and Final Boss Cheat

by Andrew Meyer on Thursday, November 25, 2004
Ok, in the first big white building you see there is nothing in it... well that's were your wrong! One of the walls in that building contain a hidden life giving you 3 throught the entire game.Go inside the building using a key. You must bump into the wall on the far back side of the building's wall... it's a dead end, u will hear a ringing noise and a third empty heart will appear under the HEALTH meter. You'll need to beat a boss, eat a hotdog, or use a potion to fill it though but I bet you already knew that, right? Well, my Grandpa said that there was a forth heart in another wall in that building but I never found it. Also, on the Final Boss you can run over to the right side and never be hit. Aim the missles at the 2 guns on the boss about 7 or 8 times and he's dead! Easy Ass boss if you ask me. Well I hope this helped you all, I know that you all are playing Halo2 or something like that, but try not to forgit the classics... May the Golden Sun be with u!

-Andrew Meyer
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