Faxanadu NES Review - Best Game Around

by Carnage on Thursday, January 10, 2002
This game is awesome, It is an emersive World, in a Tree, that was a radical idea at the time, and I still never saw a Game simulate such an idea, its an awesome title, you get better weapons, Armors, and Magic as you go along, you Gain Experience, you fight monsters, Going up a World in a Tree, they even have Voodoo Guys who puncture a Doll and give you damage, its a really well done game, and each time I get around to playing It, I play it to the very end, its a long adventure too, and lots of crazy puzzles to solve, the End Boss looks incredibly wierd, but is incredibly easy to beat... the Second to Last boss, who gives you the Dragon Slayer Sword, that is a really awesome boss to fight

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