Family Feud NES Review - Grade: D+

by Hokum on Wednesday, January 2, 2002
This is an okay translation of the popular and long-running game show where contestants guess the results of various surveys. The NES version meanders a lot - for instance, in the actual show, the host does little introductions with each family playing. The NES game does too, despite the absense of sound, so theres a little gap to simulate the beginning of an actual show. You also have to sit through your computer opponents' slowly animated turns. But other than that, it plays pretty fun and faithfully to the real thing - except that, like all NES game shows, it suffers from a limited amount of challenges and a tendency to repeat itself a lot from game to game - making for unfair two-player challenges between the person who owns the cartridge & their friends. Graphics and sound are satisfactory at best, but pretty primitive.

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