Duckhunt NES Review - Good game, bad dog

by brandon on Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Who has a nintendo and doesn't have Duck Hunt? This game makes good use of the zapper gun to hunt ducks. It wouldn't have killed them to add more than one background. You stay at the same place, doing the same thing (with faster ducks) for the whole game. It could go one forever. When you get to levell 99, it resets to 01.
The thing most people hate about is the dog. The dog is really annoying . You miss a shot and he laughs at you. Can you imagine a bunch of japanese guys sitting in a room, making a game to laugh at americans?
I know you can kill the dog at i-mockery, but not on the game. So everyone, take your game genies, put in duck hunt , and experiment. find away to kill the dumb dog!!!

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