Dragon's Lair

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Dragon's Lair NES Game
Dragon's Lair NES ROM
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Dragon's Lair Codes/Cheats
AAXITVNY        Infinite lives
NNXSGSUY        Start with 1 extra life
KNXSGSUN        Start with 6 extra lives
NNXSGSUN        Start with 9 extra lives
PEUIGIAA        Start with axe
ZEUIGIAA        Start with fireball
PANSZIAA        Start on level 2
ZANSZIAA        Start on level 3
LANSZIAA        Start on level 4
IAVNPYAP        Less energy gained on pick-up
YZVNPYAP        More energy gained on pick-up
AEXSGEKY        Protection!
SXKYUOVK + SXVYXOVK     Infinite candle energy
Dragon's Lair Visitor Reviews
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Dragon's Lair Review by Xpenguin This game is impossible 10/29/2002 12:42:57 AM