Dragon Warrior III NES Review - DW3

by Xpenguin on Monday, December 2, 2002
My older message:
>Not as good as the original or DW2 but still very good. 8.5/10

My new message:
My opinion changed on this game, I have played it and made it up to the pyramid. Instead of giving this game the lowest score as 8.5/10, I give it 10/10! The time changes from day and night in this game andsome options differ like you can only jack the king';s treasures at night when the guards arent guarding.
I still like DW2 and 1 better because I grew up with them and I will love them the most!
The only thing this DW messes with DW2 is the music, everytime I listen to DW3 music I much prefer the DW2 music. So it ruins my thoughts of DW2 music. Overall-DW3 music is still very good! Especially the pyramid egyptian-like music.

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