Dragon Warrior NES Review - RPG LEGEND

by Dragon Chaser on Saturday, August 25, 2001
Yes many consider this the first RPG Video Game, wether it was or not it did at least set the foundation for modern RPG's. Dated by today's standards Dragon Warrior or Dragon Quest as it is known in Japan is none the less a shining example of what a game should be. Interesting, Fun, Challenging and Satisfying from start to end. Graphics for the time are average, Music is above average, Game Play is about as good as it gets. To me this is the best game ever made so this review may be biased a little but not much. It is an adventure, travel and explore the Kingdom of Alefgard, venture into dark caves, poisonous swamps and the towns. Talk to people for info, fight monsters (some of the best ever) to gain experience and gold, buy weapons and items to aid thee in your quest. The evil Dragon Lord awaits, can you seek him out and destroy him to become a Dragon Warrior. Ok it sounds like a commercial but I can't talk about this game without praising it. It has recently be released along with DW2 on GBC. Although there have been changes (some really good ones like not having to choose stairs to go up and down stairs) it retains the feel of the original for the most part and may be a bit more true to the orig Dragon Quest. I give this game a 5/5.

-Dragon Chaser
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