Dragon Warrior NES Review - Drag On, Warrior

by BombOmb on Sunday, February 2, 2003
This game requires a crud load of patience. It takes forever to battle foes and achieve the amount of XP you need to continue. It sucks big time when you have to drag yourself all the way back to the kingdom to save where all the level one foes dwell and run. Random encounters are too random, some points I walk one tile and I run into another foe and it happens over and over again. At other points I can't find a foe anywhere, and when I do they run off. The difficulty skips from level 1 and 2 charachters to level 6 and 7 characters then it goes into like level 20 characters. Thank god you can't get game over. The only thing that's motivating you is XP, and when you achieve the next level, it hardly does enough to push you forward. DO NOT buy this game if you're impatient. If you want a basic NES RPG or you're new to RPGs buy this game and proceed onto other ones. Other than that, this game blows.

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