Dragon Warrior NES Review - The start of it all

by Ironman on Saturday, October 12, 2002
This title has a very simple premise. You are a knight out to save the Princess and Save the world. Problem is that the Princess is guarded by a fierce fire breathing dragon (of course) and dark over lord of the world is none other than the Dragon Lord. there are an army of monsters roaming the country side and if you don't build up experience, you will be monster chow.

this is the first game to actually utilze the idea of building levels in order to progress on. while Zelda would just be, grab a heart or stronger weapon, with this, it didn't matter what weapon you had, if you were at a low level you were screwed.

This was the start of a very dominant series on the NES, but all but forgotten on the SNES. The game itself is very challenging and if by chance you missied it on the NES I would strongly advise purchasing the GBC conversion where you get # 2 as well. THe challenge on that one seemed dummied down (Or maybe I am that damn good). But eitehr way this is a must have.

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