Dragon Spirit NES Review - Wicked

by 8 Bit Junkie on Wednesday, June 7, 2006
This is a nice alternative to the 1942/1943 series.

This time your dragons. You get different types of fire breath with the different items you pick up, and you can upgrade them as you go.

This one is one of the few shooter games of this style that I actually went all the way through. I sold my copy awhile back, but it's on my list as one to re-purchase.

The japanese get all the cool games, as I believe it was pretty popular in Japan.

I still won't understand this dude I knew who hated Nintendo, yet loved Anime, Arcade games and Computers. If you look at the Famicom Disk System, it's all 3.

I don't understand him. Mabye ego's are too hard to let go for some people.

If you see this game, pick it up. It will most likely be in a clearance lot, or something. It's misunderstood, and under-appreciated.


-8 Bit Junkie
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