Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES Review - A classic tale of horror is ruined, courtesy of BANDAI...

by Coffin Joe on Monday, May 13, 2002
If your familiar with Jose Mojica Marins, you understand my on-line name, and can obviously tell im a horror fanatic. So you can imagine how peeved I was when I played this piece of crap, that just happened to have been called Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde! Well as stated in the reveiw before me, BANDAI ripped off music from Rygar, for the opening sequence of the game. Then we see Dr.Jekyll, who dosent look that bad, as a matter of fact, the graphics are pretty good! Its the gameplay that is just awful. You walk the streets, dodging the every day terror of little boys with slings-shots, happy playful dogs, and shitting birds! All this buids up Jekylls anger meter. When the meter is full, The screen turns dark and he transforms into Mr.Hyde! You then run around, as the screen scrolls uncontrollably, dodging flying brains, the whole thing is chaos, absoloute CHAOS..............and then you get struck by lighting. No shit. GAME OVER. The game is so ridiculous, i dont believe anyones ever beaten it, not due to the games extreme difficulty, but simply because people dont have the patience for this kind of crap! While Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde's chances of ever making it to another game have forever been destroyed, Im just glad that the Mummy, or the WolfMan hasnt been tainted yet. You cant blame BANDAI for trying to follow up on the awesomeness of Frankenstein:The Monster Returns, but this is inexcusable! For a better effort featuring some of Horror's biggest names, try the Castlevania series, or the just as decent, Frankenstein:The Monster Returns!

-Coffin Joe
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