Double Dribble NES Review - First and Best Roundball on the NES

by Pricetag on Friday, March 30, 2001
Double Dribble was the first basketball game I remember for the NES. It came along early in the console's life, and was the best b-ball game for it. Other games came along with cooler features, but none matched the solid gameplay of Double Dribble.

Options in the game were limited. You take on either the computer (with three difficulty levels) or another player. You pick one of four teams (Boston Frogs, Chicago Ox, L.A. Breakers, or New York Eagles--I never noticed any difference between the teams besides thier uniform color), and the time limit per quarter, and that's about it.

But where this game shines is in the gameplay. If it's in basketball, it's in Double Dribble. Everything from three-point baskets to squeaking sneakers, and blocked shots to cheesy organ music is presented in a simple, fun-to-play style.

One of the unique parts of the game is, when you go in for a slam dunk, it cuts away to a close-up slam dunk animation that is pretty cool.

Player control is solid, and it is simple to shoot or pass the ball on offense and steal or block on defense.

If you win, you are treated to a celebration screen with your player and a trophy (bronze for beating level 1 or another player, silver for level 2, and gold for level 3). One strange thing, though, is the game doesn't have overtime. If a game ends in a tie, it just ends. No victory screen, no nothing.

The only thing that could have made Double Dribble better was more teams and some sort of season mode. Other games came along that had these things, but didn't have the gameplay or fun of Double Dribble. It stood the test of time as the best basketball game on the NES.

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