Double Dragon III NES Review - Don't Sequals always turn out bad?

by Wise old man on Saturday, August 4, 2001
Well if youve played Double Dragon 1 and 2 and your still hungry for more then download part 3!!

Unlike part one your mission is to find these funny little stones for this silly little old woman!! And then save Marian, again!!

When i first played this game i was so amazed by the availability of new characters! Some old kung fu master and someother ninja which is cool!! The Lee Brothers also have the ability to use Nunchukas, hehe bring it on!!

However there is something missing about this game...maybe its creators ran out of ideas or by the fact that they tried to surpass themselves again but without much success.

Overall i think Double Dragon 3 is a nice game to play if you have the time...when playing the game I felt really uncomfortable looking at the Lee Brothers fighting stance...look at their feet!! Its almost as if one of their foot has gone lame!! Lol.

Play by all means :)

-Wise old man
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