Double Dragon NES Review - My very first nes cartridge =)

by TheEternalAbyss on Saturday, January 22, 2005
OK...DDragon was the very first cartridge I got for the NES (Besides the Mario/Duck Hunt combo that came with the system).

First of all lets address all the bad reviews: If you compare ANY console game to the arcade counterpart in those days than you are an idiot because it's obvious the game will differ GREATLY. So for you people saying it sucks because it wasn't like the arcade version, get your head out of your ass and move on.

For the people stating that the game was bad in terms of graphics, sounds, music, control/gameplay then you really have never played any other fighting game on the NES, because in comparison to many games I have played (and I'm talking A LOT here) the control and gameplay were smooth and responsive and realistically if you think about it, do you actually think you could beat up every single individual you meet without taking a hit for Chrissakes? Get over it.

Lastly for you who thinks there are't enough continues...I have to agree that that was an annoying feature (or lack thereof) HOWEVER, I was able to beat the Machine gun wielding Willy without losing a single life. So just play better.

MY REVIEW! Ok..As graphics go (comparing to all other nintendo games) they were decent. Some of the animations were pretty funny in my opinion. The music mirrored the arcade music pretty decently too. As I mentioned above, responseness and game play were great and it was a challenging game. Replay value is pretty high in my opinion because I don't mind playing it again. However different it may be from the arcade version, it has a charm all its own and to me it is a classic. I give it a 9 out of 10

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