Double Dragon NES Review - What a Bloody classic :)

by Wise old man on Saturday, August 4, 2001
Oh boy, if you haven't played Double Dragon 1 on the NES then there's something wrong with you!

Play it, beat it, smile and then beat it again!

Double Dragon is a classic beat em up where Brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee team up against all the odds to save Marian, some chick who gets beaten at the start of the game!

Double dragon is a game which pioneered into new dimensions of gaming experience! Its a dirty fighting experience where you grap opponents and knee them in their faces :) Very enjoyble!!

If you don't remember the NES for Mario or duck hunt, lol then remember it for Double Dragon!! One of my favourties i have to say :O)

Sit back and enjoy a hell of a classic beat em up!!

-Wise old man
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