Donkey Kong 3 NES Review - Ho!

by He! on Tuesday, January 21, 2003
While not as innovative or notable as the first two Donkey Kong games, not to mention being nothing at all like them, Donkey Kong 3 may be the most timeless. The previous were platformers, which have kind of a limited lifespan - especially the early ones, where there is very little to explore and they become mastered very quickly. They're fun to play for a bit but usually spend more time on the shelf than other cartridges. DK 3, on the other hand, is a shooting game, and those can be addictive and endless fun because you know theres always room for improving your score. Donkey Kong 3 isn't a great shooter, but it's pretty good and it hasn't gotten as downright boring as the other two in the series. I play Galaga far more than Pitfall.

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